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A Law Firm Focused On Helping Business Owners

With 40 years of experience in business litigation, attorney C. Brooks Ricca, Jr., has protected not only business owners’ interests, but also the very survival of their operations. Hard work went into opening the doors and managing the operations. Yet, one dispute that results in a lawsuit can undo all the efforts that led to a company’s success.

Committed To Comprehensive Business Litigation Services

At C. Brooks Ricca, Jr. & Associates, P.A., we have taken on nearly all types of legal disagreements, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Real estate litigation
  • Wage disputes
  • Workplace discrimination

In Florida, mediation is required before a case goes to trial. Mandating negotiation has helped opposing sides resolve their issues without going to trial. Regardless of what brings people to the table, settlements save time and money, and can lead to a fair resolution.

However, many disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation. Talks can break down, making compromise impossible. Far too many of our clients often fall prey to opposing sides and their legal counsel making unreasonable demands.

Building strong cases requires a business litigation lawyer attending to every detail. Relevant evidence can take many forms, including business practices, contracts, financial records, emails and voice mails. The smallest bit of proof can make a significant difference.

Skilled Legal Representation To Protect Florida Businesses

At our West Palm Beach law office or at a location convenient to you, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your dispute and how it is affecting your business. Call C. Brooks Ricca, Jr. & Associates, P.A., at 561-833-4544 or send us an email.

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